Dentists Can Treat TMJ Syndrome For You

Dentists Can Treat TMJ Syndrome For You

Posted in Uncategorized by wayne14jenkins on December 17, 2009

Do you experience recurring and long lasting tension headaches or migraine headaches? If so, you might have a condition called TMJ disorder.

TMJ syndrome or Temporomandibular disorder occurs when the jaw is misaligned. Interferences in the structure of individual teeth may force displacement of the lower jaw, leading the muscles to position the joints out of their sockets and force the upper and lower teeth to fit together. This inference with your bite causes the pain of TMJ dysfunction. Other common symptoms of TMJ you may have experienced include headache, jaw, ear or facial pain and even decreased hearing. TMJ clicking or popping of the jaw and neck pain is frequently caused by TMJ disorder.

TMJ syndrome is a relatively new area of neuromuscular dentistry that focuses on your nerves, muscles and the correction of the position of the jaw, to help alleviate discomfort. Even though TMJ is a common disorder, many people are unaware that they have this condition, and continue enduring the pain. With ongoing advances in neuromuscular dentistry, there are a number of treatments available for headaches caused by TMJ syndrome, which can remove your symptoms permanently. The procedure involves having bite assessed, identifying ideal bite and achieving the ideal bite with orthotic therapy. Orthotic therapy requires you to wear an unobtrusive oral TMJ splint during the day and in the evenings. The TMJ splint is designed to replicate your teeth and does not obstruct your functionality.

Every person responds differently to TMJ treatment, however the vast majority will experience an improvement in their TMJ symptoms. You do not have to endure the pain a dentist will correct the positioning of your jaw and also amend bite patterns, which will ease the pressure on the jaw, muscles and nerves caused by TMJ. If you live in the Brisbane area and want to eliminate those unbearable tension headaches, or more server migraines, caused by TMJ dysfunction, it is worth talking to your Brisbane dentist about a treatment plan for you.

Dr Das, at Divine Smiles, is a dentist based in the Brisbane area, who offers treatment in TMJ syndrome. For more information please visit


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